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Should I cut off the head?
So I want to see if cutting of Thalia’s head from the stalk off so I can save that because the leaves are shriveling up. Any thoughts #SucculentSquad? Black tips are showing up on the leaves and I don’t want to lose her 😢 @sarahsalith @RJG @KikiGoldblatt @Sassylimey #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #SucculentLove
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
Btw the roots look fine 🤔
You definitely have an issue there. It looks like black mold which they ‘say is the easiest to fix’. I use a fungicide with copper. Beheading it won’t help since I see the affliction to the top. Keep an eye on nearby plants…
@Rintintrinn I agree with @Yeeha234 on this. If you have fungicide or Neem Oil use it. If you use Neem Oil use it every 7 days.
I have up some copper fungicide on hand - it's great for lots of things that can ail plants.

I'd suggest you pick up a little bottle of that follow the directions. You can mix it up in a little spray bottle. (:

I hope that it works out for your plant; ghost plants are really cool!
BUT it might be less expensive to replace that plant if none of your other plants are affected.

That might sound horrible, but I've replaced some plants here and there because of one thing or another. 💚
Thank you for the tag @Rintintrinn, I see that @Yeeha234 @sarahsalith and @KikiGoldblatt were up before me this morning 🤪 they all gave you great advice, what more can I say but happy growing 🥰🌱🌿💛
@Sassylimey It’s unusual for sure!!
Thanks @KikiGoldblatt @sarahsalith @Yeeha234 for that. I’ll see what I can do. I’m sure I’d be nice to have copper fungicide on hand, I’ll definitely weight out my options. Everyone was saying it was just a watering problem or sunburn, but I had a feeling it was something more.
I use this…game changer…
@Yeeha234 is one affected as well? It might have actually been if culprit if it is.
@Rintintrinn I don’t think so but spray them all to be sure! I got 2 bottles so I can always find one 🙄
@Rintintrinn I always keep these on hand at all times. Neem Oil is my favorite.

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