Posted 3w ago by @saarrrr82

Still rolled up…
This leaf is rolled up for a while now. How can I help her to be in full glory?

I read somewhere that you can do that with a damp warm cloth. Anyone have experience with that?
13ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
I read that somewhere too. If they’re stuck, I’ve been too chicken to try it. I have one stuck now too. It’s so annoying and I’m getting impatient 😝
Bleh, me too @BunnyMummy It’s been too long now. Hopefully someone on Greg can tell us more🤞🏽
Lovely plant btw @BunnyMummy 😍
I mist the leaves and it works great.
Give it a little extra humidity or mist it maybe!
Thanks @Gordo and @jcPlantProper I will try that today.

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