Posted 5d ago by @merrywonderland

Strange mark on new leaf
My Pink Princess has a brand new leaf that opened up fully about 3 or 4 days ago, and its darker than usual, and has a strange mark on it that appeared on its side. It doesn't seem to be damaged or dry or dying, the leaf seems healthy, it just looks like a mark, but I wanted to be sure
I think we keep an eye on it while it hardens. If everything with it seems fine it probably is. My gut tells me it's a little mechanical damage from the opening process but we'll know better as it matures!
@merrywonderland I think it looks normal to me. It’s just looks like aesthetic marks. Here is one that I found that has a darker new leaf as well. They look they have the same marking as yours.
@merrywonderland I agree with @RJG too.
I dont hav Pink princess bt its on my wishlist. Jus wanna say it looks healthy and cute to see the pink markings. Stare at it daily til it hardens ;)
Mine doe this; I’ve been told damage from unfurling, to much light, pretty much everything 🀣

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