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Is this light okay for my Echeveria?

Hi plant parents! I'm just popping in to ask a question.
The weather around me lately is... dark and rainy. So I was just going to ask since we need a lot of light for my plant, is this light okay?
I know it's not natural sunlight. But it feels too dark for the plant, so I improvised the light.
I read that lighting on the plant is okay, but I'm just being very cautious with the lighting, so I don't fail the plant :(
It does have multiple settings, ranging from blue LED to "natural" lighting that looks more red. I put it halfway in between to be safe. I don't want it to be too much to be sun scorched (again)..
Sorry for bothering you! If you could comment tips for lighting on a dark day, that would be lovely! ❀️ #Echeveria #greggang #help
5” pot with drainage
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Hi Summer, the best way to check the amount of light your plant is getting tis to check it with a light meter app on your phone as plants perceive light differently to how we do. Then you can compare it to the lighting recommendations online or compared to the outside sun or window. Hope this helps.
Is the light specifically for plants? And when it gets sunny again, put it in a south-facing window instead of north.
Short answer: probably not. I put grow lights right up on my succulents, especially the Echeveria. Do you have an open window that faces south?
@SimpleSucculent No, it's not specifically for plants. But I did some research about light meter measurements and the right amount for this type of plant, and i have it set for the right amount for the time being! And it is in a South facing window now, I just forgot to update the profile to say it. 🫢
@Seymour I looked it up and measured! It says I'm in a good range for the plant. Thank you for your comment!! 🫢
@tumberlne ok that’ll hopefully help it
@tumberlne i use a phone app Photone to measure the PPFD light intensity as this is the guide for eg 6 or 12 inches away. Glad you find out your light was good for your plant!