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New growth that’s questionable. I think it’s the soil?
#StringOfHearts #Ceropegia Hi all! Sorry for the small essay, but I come today with a question about my string of hearts. I’ve had this plant for about a year now and have never been thrilled with how sparse the top is. (Attempts to propogate the bulbs have failed :( )I transferred it to cactus soil when I got it to help drainage and even after that the soil won’t drain in this pot. Soil has been turning orangey as well.
I could deal with that but my new growth if I can even call it that at this point has stayed small and thin for months. Some leaves look ready to burst when I water and others are still super bendy afterward (not mushy). I think there is an issue with the water and soil since it’s in a west facing window and still tries putting out growth while old leaves fall off. It flowered in May which I was stoked for that even stopped. I’m worried for my plant at this point.
I considered lining the bottom of the pot with leca to help make sure it isn’t sitting in anything but I’m open to suggestions as to what else I could be doing wrong.
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Does the pot have drainage holes? Def needs if not and i would wrap some of those strings on top of the pot. Lots of light and don’t forget circulation in the room.
Maybe your string of hearts could use some plant food. I also suggest giving her more direct light. Place her closer to a sunny window 💚
I've gone through the same thing with my SOH, slow growing etc. I just reported her and she's putting out new growth. Seems these are slow growers.
I have mine in and eastern facing window.
@Boymom-plantmom have drainage in this pot, and the sun sets right through the window I have it sitting in, it disappears over the chimney of my neighbor’s house idk if that’s enough but it’s the sunniest spot close to the window I’ve got. As for circulation, that’s something I will give a try! If you think it needs more sun, would a spot where more than just the top of the pot hits the sun be ideal?
@katiebud morning sun is usually better but i also get a lot of afternoon sun! Light on top of the pot is ideal so that’s good, maybe just not long enough. I have added grow lights for mine:)
@Boymom-plantmom thanks, I’ll give it a shot :) now you find some morning light lol

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