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Sweet potato is turning black…
Why is my sweet potato turning black? Is she rotting? #question #helpneeded
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It might be time to put her in some soil. She has good roots! I know my regular potato rotted. It was STINKING. I had to get rid of it.
Soil time! Potatoes can stay in water for only so much time.
@LatiTish84 I threw out my potato the water was foaming and it was rotting 🫠.
Place@it in@soil
@ABCD @LatiTish84 Okay, do I need to make sure I’m not covering the foliage or does it not matter? Where should I stop the soil line
@fabiana The potato itself should be completely underground. Bury it about 3 inches and make sure the pot is at least 18” deep. You may want to plant it straight into the ground.
@fabiana yeah don't cover the foilage maybe plant it horizontally?
@ABCD she tried to warn us πŸ˜…πŸ˜… but i got a potato in soil. It's not doing anything but I still got it. Lol
@LatiTish84 🫠 I planted a couple in soil too. I don’t think anything will happen…
@ABCD @LatiTish84 18”???? The biggest I have like a 12” one. I’m gonna see what looks better, planting horizontally or half a potato sticking out the soil. Wish me luckπŸ˜­πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ
@fabiana It’s ok if the roots hit the bottom of the planter. Then you’ll just need a wider pot.
Well then plant it vertically but mound the soil around the top! @fabiana a little sweet potato soil hill lol
@LatiTish84 It’s gonna look so ugly. I’m mentally prepared 😭
@fabiana look what I found!
Do you have an aluminum pan you can use?
@LatiTish84 Ooo that’s what I need!! No sadly I don’t! I see my potato turning even more black so I don’t even have time to go to the store πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ I’ll plant it vertically for now
@LatiTish84 @ABCD Alright she’s not the prettiest but here’s how she is looking! Is it ok to leave her outside?
@ABCD @LatiTish84 also does it matter if the stick stays? I can’t take it out :(
@fabiana I think it’s too shallow 😬. Can you put it in your yard?
@fabiana she looks good!
I think you can leave her outside for a little while.

I would leave the stick in until you find the proper pot for her especially if she outside, if you take it out the smell may attract insects
@ABCD I live with my mom so probably not
@ABCD I’ll be on the lookout for a bigger sized pot. It just might get a little root bound
@ABCD @LatiTish84 Oh yeah I had one more question: do I need to acclimate it to soil or should i just water before dry?
Not sure but this is what I pulled up on ye ole Google. Lol @fabiana
@LatiTish84 Ok got it! 😊
Thank you guys for your help! @LatiTish84 @ABCD

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