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Is this normal on FLF?
I got this plant a week ago, and I dont know much about plants yet.

I know that if there are pests, fungi, etc on your plant that it would show up on the leaves. So, these are some irregularities that I noticed on my FLF and I dont know if they are normal or not.

The 3rd pic is what I suppose the "unnafected" or healthy leaves that I conpare other leaves with.
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16” pot
Last watered 6 days ago
Hi Jaze! Welcome to Greg and congrats on your new plant.

FLF can be prone to edema - as a result of inconsistent watering. Essentially, the cells of the leaf swell and burst leaving behind the markings that you see here. While it can’t be undone it can be prevented with a routine watering schedule and avoiding overwatering. My fiddles have their fair share of edema, so it’s nothing to be too worried about.

You’re absolutely right, pests can leave similar markings on leaves - thrips come to mind. Isolate your plant for at least two weeks - ideally four. Wipe down the leaves (top and bottom) and watch for any irregularity or pests.
Most of your leaves are looking normal, but the second photo with the black markings on the back could be something to watch for.
I totally agree with @Lostinthenorth - there's something funky going on with that second picture. That's not normal edema.

Can you wipe it off? Is it sticky at all?

I know this isn't what you want to read, but if that's the only leaf that is affected like that, I would cut that leaf off.

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