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Hey Greggers! I have 2 lovely FLFs, one small and one more mature, and both are doing well. But the leaves are stiff. Is that normal? Do leaves garden after they settle in? Thanks! #FLF #FiddleLeafFig
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Totally normal. Your more mature one looks to have brown spot though so I’d be a bit concerned about that. I’d do the usual triage and check for pests, pull him out and inspect the roots, consider a peroxide solution spritz and possibly potting him again. Brown spot can be so many things, neem oil on the leaves will help with pests and also with fungus if that’s the culprit
I’d say that’s normal. The mature leaves on mine feel almost like poster paper.
@PinkWater Ah! Oh no! I didn’t even think about that! I’ll do a check. Thank you!
My son says they fell fake cause they are so still he is 15 an jokes about how most mine look fake or fell fake 🤥