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Tech question for pics 📷
Why are all my pics zoomed in and cropped in stories? I can’t find a way to adjust that… What am I doing wrong? 😕 (iOS user)
@RJG any idea?
Idk about you but I have to make sure my pics measure 1:1 for them to look right but I'm also not a ios person. Ollllee android folk lol
@KrunchyWrap I just tried that to see, it’s even worse!… 😂
How much is it zooming in? Are we talking drastically or just a little? I'm struggling to picture what you mean.
@RJG Let me try to post pics….
The original, and then what the upload would be… I’ve had this problem from the get go, it’s not a new thing. I’m just wondering why and if it’s a setting problem on my part… (So far I’ve tried to overcompensate by taking my pics from further away when I can… 😝).
I've noticed it does this too, I find that it isn't much a problem if I take the photo with my internal camera rather than using the camera within the app. Click the upload picture icon instead of taking the picture and you can choose a photo to upload.
@cascadianroots I’ve never used the camera directly from the app. Always uploaded, so it isn’t the issue for me… 🤷🏻‍♀️
@RJG Another tech question, since I’m at it… 😅 When I type a comment, I don’t see the text at the right border. It makes it tricky for edits or to fix typos. Is it a settings problem, or an iOS issue?…
(If I post the comment and then go edit it, the whole text appear in the window).
@BeesZenGarden okay that's a legitimately new one for me can you send that last screenshot into

The picture one is because stories or moments fill the whole screen. You see how the bars on top and bottom go away? It (I believe) just zooms to the center of the photo until the image takes up the whole phone screen.

I normally do moments from inside the app and it makes it easier because it's the right aspect ratio the whole time.

I hope that makes sense.
@RJG I’ll try using the inside camera and see if that works better for me! 😁
As for the typing issue, it’s always been like that for me. I assumed it was like that for everyone… Lol Now I’m wondering if others have it too or not!… 😂
You're on droid?
@RJG no, iPhone XR.

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