Posted 1Y ago by @wolfwoman

What am I doing wrong?
I got this beautiful Geognanthus a month or so ago. I have her in the bathroom, which has its own level of humidity, and also have her on a pebble tray for additional humidity. I'm still getting these brown dry spots though. What more must I do to get her to thrive??
4ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 9 months ago
Check temperature. Maybe getting to hot with showers going
@Franci7, I will double check the roots and see. I also have a humidifier right next to the plant. It's crazy. The bathroom gets good ventilation, and I usually have the door open when I'm showering. Hopefully the roots will tell me something. Thanks!
@wolfwoman good luck
Are you watering it with cold water? It could be the temperature changes in addition to watering it with cold water… try using room temperature water to water it.
How are you making out with this plant? I just brought one home after eyeing it forever and am worried I’m setting myself up for some drama. Any tips you can share are much appreciated!
@lemrobs I'm going to be honest. This is the last time I'm buying this plant. It's so beautiful, but just too much. I moved mine outside where it's even MORE humid than the restroom I kept it in on top of a pebble tray on top of that! It looks even worse now. NOTHING pleased this plant. I think maybe a terrarium would be the safest bet, but im not 100% sure. Good luck!
Just in case anyone is wondering, this is my 3rd attempt at keeping this plant. 3 strikes, and I'm out!