Posted 4d ago by @PremiumGuasca

My chocolate mint plant died and came back now a weird plant is in place
My chocolate mint died so I took better care of it regrew and 2 spourts are normal and one looks like a dandelion leaf and smells like lettecue pick below please help! (I repotted it from the rest)
That do be looking like a dandelion or some other type of weed. Do you keep your mint outside ever?
@WickedValkyrie I used too keep it outside and put jr back inside
Yeah the wind likely carried a dandelion seed to the pot. Let it grow and use it for tea. (:
@WickedValkyrie that’s my plan makes sense it’s a weed it wasn’t connected to the mints roots… always wanted to grow dandilon anyway fate just did it for me I guess

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