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Jade plant growth?

My Jade plant hasn’t been growing at all. It’s just been…living. Are they slow growers? #HappyPlants #Jade #GregGang #Growth
2ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
Give it direct sunlight (acclimate gradually) and it will grow faster. Jades can struggle a bit to grow faster in certain climates!

Your lil guy looks a bit etiolated, its wasting its energy in growing upwards, not outwards! And the soil looks a bit too organic for a succulent, but nothing to worry about too much. Succulents usually manage to grow upright without any help, if Achilles is struggling to stay up I would very much recomend to chop the stem down a few inches and repot once the wound callous (to avoid rot)
I received him this way and I think he wasn’t getting enough sunlight in the first place. I just changed the soil because other plants were randomly growing in the other soil. Not sure what ended up in it. But I will monitor it for now and see what happens!
I also gave him the support stick since I just replaced the soil.
Yes they’re actually slow growers, but I agreed with @DamnDaniel you can give it more direct sunlight and keep balancing water. But keep in mind they’re still plants, don’t suddenly change the hot direct light it might be shock and die you never know. Slowly brighten sunlight few hrs everyday and see.
They are slow growers They like lots of light. I have mine in a south window. It took a while to get her there but she has assimilated. Do you have her in cactus soil ? That soil looks a little rich and might stay wetter than you want it to. I started giving her a little more water since I moved her into pure sun. She started to shrivel up a little so I started watering her a little more and that is making all the difference. I just gave her a heavy pruning by cutting off every branch growing downwards. She really looks so much better. You have her in a clay pot that’s good. How long have you had her ? It’s good she has a stick they have very shallow roots. direct sun if she will tolerate it but you may want to start her in a west window first then slowly move her to the south window. That will help her grow. I give her a weak watered down drink of worm pee we call it for fertilizer. It’s the liquid that gathers at the spigot from my worm farm. They do take time to grow but the high light will help. She is cute and so is her little friend. Good luck with her. 🙌😂🐈🌱🫶❤️💕🤪
@CaptainJaneway By fits and starts. Mine doesn’t follow any pattern. I have lost a few leaves on the way, and left one just sitting atop the soil. The other day I noticed it had produced a new leaf, so it must have rooted itself. So you never know❣️
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