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Can I remove the top of the plant where the new leave spr...

3ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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@DeanGoldenmoss yeah that's basically it my friend... It will still grow upwards (of course) but it's overall height will be limited by when you chop it. The branches will grow off in a Y To the main branch, so uowards but outwards...

The "bushier" appearance just comes from encouraging that branching, it stops them looking quite so "leggy" and encourages side branches and thicker stems to support that 😊 you can also chop and prop side branches as you go... But just be sure it doesn't get too top heavy! Lol... you can always stake it if it does end up looking a bit wobbly (just a bamboo cage and a bit of gardener's tape will work perfectly πŸ₯°) xx
Hey Jimmy! πŸ‘‹πŸ˜ Yeah you can totally top it and prop the cutting... But it will limit the overall height if the plant as it will branch from there, so I'd wait until it reaches your "ideal" height overall, then have at it βœ‚οΈπŸŒΏπŸ€£ xx
Your plant is the rubber tree of my dreams. Mine is very tall and I want it to be more full like yours. I’m going to chop the top later this summer. Or at least that’s what I tell myself 😬
@Momof83ans Really? Thank you. Just bought them so its small right now. Might become tall like yours in year or two πŸ˜€
@JenniB81 thank you, learned something new today. So it branches after you prune the top. I will do as you saidπŸ˜€
@DeanGoldenmoss this is him. Long way from a cutting 4 years ago.
@Momof83ans it’s very healthy, props to youπŸ‘
@deangoldenmoss it does indeed πŸ₯° in (fun) fact lol, lots of plants do! I regularly top my Trads in this exact same way, and inevitably end up with side shoots and LOTS more branching and lovely leaves πŸ₯° it actually encourages growth in a lot of cases! So... Don't be scared, when she gets as tall as you want her, go in for the chop and prop that top cutting! You'll end up with two plants for the price of one (& a much bushier mother plant! 🀩) xx
Ooh Kelli @Momof83ans) that's LOVELY!! I'm after a Ficus Belize myself but that's one super healthy prop you've cultivated there!! πŸ₯°πŸ₯° Xxx
@JenniB81 thank you, I’m so glad he’s stuck around for me and started my love of the ficus.
@JenniB81 By branching I meant, it wont grow vertically in line with the parent stem but grow in a different direction. That was what I was afraid of. Btw how do you make it bushier?
@DeanGoldenmoss one more thing, can I propagate from the leave if the stem is damaged? If I cut the leaves from the bottom without stem, will the roots form?
Hmm... I'll have to look that one up Jimmy @deangoldenmoss) but I suspect not... Generally (but not always! Lol) you need a node to produce roots... And those tend to be on branches not on leaf stems. BUT each stem has lots of nodes on it! So even if the stem is damaged you should still be able to propegate from it ok! πŸ₯° You just cut above the damage and you should be fine. I'll have a scout about my sources and make sure that's right! Lol 🀣 x
1M ago I documented my pruning journey if you look at my plant’s photos. :)
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@SJD oh man, can you not see the entire gallery. That stinks. Here I will upload to this thread.
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