Posted 3w ago by @didikillit

Orchid mix?
Hi plant friends.. who can tell me why these two orchid mixes are so drastically different? The Black and Gold is fine and by eyesight looks like any other potting mix. Vs. The MG which is all coarse bark with not a speck of "dirt" in site. I know orchids like a fast drying medium and the most recommended I've seen is for course bark. So what's the point of the black and gold version?
@didikillit I really like the Miracle Gro potting mix for orchids. Itโ€™s loaded with orchid bark. I use it in mixing my own soil for Monsteras as well.
I just make my own using a little bit of regular potting mix and adding in orchid bark, perlite, and sphagnum moss. (Itโ€™s like 1/3 soil and 2/3 the other ingredients).

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