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Why are the leaves curled up like this?
Hey everyone,

I noticed that my friend's Red Secret Alocasia has all its leaves curled at the stem like this. None of the leaves are facing the window but instead are facing the ground.

I thought maybe it gets too much sun/light?

The plant itself is pretty healthy and grows a lot, it doesn't seem to have any pests or anything weird.

I'm curious what you all think about it.
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Hmm. It may be too wet?? They don’t mind drying out
@jcPlantProper it's possible, my friend doesn't really pay too much attention to the soil and waters his plants whenever 🀷

It's been like this for months though. I wonder if it was too wet all the time, it would look like crap or probably dead by now πŸ€”
@impeplants it may be slowly dying you know? Idk I see the back of the leaves and I see the water spots
@jcPlantProper ah, good catch, I didn't see them at all!
So it's probably the watering that's harming the plant. I'll tell my friend to be extra careful from now on!
Let's hope it's not too late!
Yeah cause it looks like it’s in that nasty soil too that holds moisture
@jcPlantProper yeah, he never repotted it, it's still the soil he got it with.
Very well then, it needs repotting and a better watering schedule. I'll tell my friend all of that!
Thank you very much for your help!
@impeplants you’re welcome ☺️

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