Posted 4w ago by @kscape

These are all over my Chinese Pine Tree; first time I’ve seen these on my plants.
My Chinese pine tree seems to have little ant-like buggies crawling in and out of the soil. I repotted in about a week since it needed a bigger pot. Today is watering day for Songshu, but there’s buggies everywhere.

Should I repot it and clean out the soil? I already sprayed it with a mixture of water and alcohol.
Best Answer
They really are tiny ants! Definitely repot! They might have made a nest. Mix oatmeal in with the soil. When the ants eat it they explode.
@Shaubplantshack thank you so so much! Definitely repotted, added more perlite for drainage as well, and I’ll keep the oatmeal in mind! Did not know that 😉
@kscape my pleasure! Happy growing! 🥰

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