Posted 1M ago by @Angieba917

This plant looks dreadful. I don't know what to do

20ft to light, indirect
8” pot
Last watered 1 month ago
I’m not an expert on dieffenbachia, but so far from a north facing window with no grow light seems like a recipe for disaster 😬 mine wasn’t even appreciating being right up next to my north facing window, I just moved it under a grow light after a couple leaves were looking like that so I’m hoping for a swift recovery 🀞
Based on the plant card it says 20 feet from a light source? I wonder if that’s too far? For mine I had it too close to a south facing window. The leaves started to get burned so I had to move him to a west facing window and place him about 3ish feet from that window. I also have him close ish to a humidifier and use a moisture meter to tell when he needs water.
I would definitely move it closer to the window or put it under a grow light.