Posted 1M ago by @GarlickPtato

Where do I start?

Just adopted 2 different philos - both clearly neglected. Apart from repotting into a soilless mix, and actually giving them attention, where do I start with helping these babies back to their original glory?
0ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
Take out all the brown leaves add perilite to the soil and give it a good soak the first time and also add some fertilizer
☝️ And any super leggy ends (b/c may have been low β˜€οΈ) may be cut into 4” strips, water rooted & replanted at the base to add volume back. 😁 Try to go on the under watering side of this one… I’ll often bottom water for 30min, 3/4 of the time to let them drink their fill, then drain. They hate wet feet!