Posted 1Y ago by @LOOP1EZ

I’m not sure what my plant really is, worried about care

Hi! I bought a little plant a little while ago and they marked it as a bonsai starter, I tried to identify the plant with one of those photo plant identifiers but ever since I chose the type of plant it looks the most similar to and after I had followed that plants care , my plant has severely dried up! I need help! can my plant recover from this? I recently changed the species again but if anyone has any advice then I’d love to hear it!
3ft to light, indirect
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
Yes it does look dried up. I would water it until water comes out the holes in the bottom, then don’t let it sit in any water in the saucer. Give it bright indirect light and if it will survive, that should do it. I would not give it direct sunlight while it is recovering from being dried up. You may lose a lot of leaves, that is to be expected. Let us know. Good luck! It does look like the Wallflower in the picture.
@AC73LoveCats Thank you! I dearly appreciate this