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Bought a shamrock

Bought a shamrock at food city today anything I should know about them?
2ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
I'll take a stab at this- sorry I took a while. (:

These plants like bright, indirect light. I have a wild version that gets eastern morning sun and then it's just indirect light the rest of the day.

I water it when it's dry and it doesn't like to be too dry. It likes to be pot bound so leaf it alone for a while before repotting it.

They go dormant in the colder months, so don't toss it out; you can keep caring for it and you'll see new growth next spring. (:

Good luck!! πŸ€
Mine gets a few hours of direct sun and watered about every two weeks in the colder months. It’s a bulb so when they start looking shabby you can cut it all the way down and it’ll regrow from what I’ve read. My oxalis iron cross recently did this and it’s got new babies on the way. The purple shamrocks is huge and I just tied it up for support. Definitely let them dry out between waterings