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I have several zebrina plants that seem to be thriving, b...

13ft to light, indirect
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
So these really bloom infrequently indoors, and when they do they last only a day. That said, Bhaving lots of bright, indirect light, moist soil, and regular pruning will encourage flowering.
Ooh okay, thank you!
Ooh I love tradescantia. I have one like your zebrina. It seems like they thrive in the brightest indirect light they can get. I had mine in my office and it got some light near a window but not enough and it lost its purple. I moved it to my plant room where it gets bright indirect light all day and its purple is coming back and it’s doubled in size. Yours is nice and purple!
And I meant to say that mine has flowered once , when I had it hanging in a window where it would get a little afternoon sun.
Lots of light seems to be the key, thank you for the tip!