Posted 1M ago by @TwitchyCosmos

Small bugs on Max (Money Plant)

There are some tiny fruit flies in the soil. The leaves are growing with an odd shape to them.

I read to spray neem oil in the soil. I recently watered it - but I'm having issues detecting when the peat moss is fully dry.

Is neem oil enough? #MoneyPlantSquad #SucculentSquad
1ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
@TwitchyCosmos Zo Anton the flies are from too much water and they usually are in the soil as well. I would check your root system to make sure you do not have rot. (Mushy & smell) if so get rid of bad roots and spray with peroxide. Let it dry out and repot. But then spray with neem oil and put cinnamon on soil to keep bugs away. Won’t hurt your plant and I would highly recommend a water meter to test soil prior to watering. Also bottom water will help with flies as well. I like to pour water in a dish a set the plant container in it to soak what it needs in a time of appropriate 10 minutes and let water drip off before returning it to my outer pot. Hopefully that will help. These plants are similar to succulent. Not much water. But soak when you do water. 😏 you got this! πŸ™ŒπŸ» keep us posted on your plant needs and care!!
@CourtlyKingfern Thank you. I'm definitely gonna get a meter to monitor. What kind of soil? I was thinking of getting Mother Earth Groundswell All Purpose potting soil for Mati (Pothos) - is this something I could use for the Max? I touch the soil and it's different.
@TwitchyCosmos Cactus soil mix: A cactus soil mix, which consists of a combination of gritty materials and organic matter, is an excellent choice.