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Ground cover grass alternative that won’t choke out other plants
Will most ground covers not choke out other plants? I want to replace my grass but still be able to have a garden there with the ground cover. Will I be able to do that? Or will most/some ground covers choke out plants in a garden? #OutdoorGrowing #GregGang #groundcover #PropagationStation #NewGrowth
What you would need to be able to walk on would be very different
I'm pretty sure clover would be a good alternative, plus good for 🐝! I am hoping/planning to add mint to my lawn. You'd definitely have to keep it in check, but it's hearty and the smell when you walk on it 😍 (plus, mosquitos and ticks hate the smell, if you have those in your area).
@PlantyPlanter I agree with @PlantMompy clover 🍀 would be a great ground cover.
I recommend looking into what is native in your area. Non-native plants can be invasive and will run the risk of choking out everything, even if it wouldn’t do that sort of thing in its native climate. Usually an outdoor landscaping company can point you in the right direction!

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