Posted 1Y ago by @SuperwomanAnise

Prop growing slow
So I'm new to the plant world but I've always loved it. I'm trying to propagate a marbled queen pothos. I've gotten to the point where its grown roots and I've put her in a pot but now she hasnt grown at all and its probably been over 2 weeks. Is there something I can do?
wait 😌
she’s probably still acclimatizing to the soil, give her some time :)
I have one about the same size. He’s getting a new leaf now but did nothing for awhile after potting. Pothos are pretty hardy so you’re probably just fine πŸ™‚
It took months before my neon Pothos decided to start growing. So just like everyone else said, give it time ☺️
As my fam would say stop watching/waiting for the pot to boil, its quicker when you don't .
But ya it's winter all my plants went on a slow mode so kinda put my mind on other things instead of growth

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