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English Ivy Issues
I noticed my English Ivy has the fuzzy, white substance on the top of its soil. Does anyone know what it is or what I should do? I’ve been having issues with this Ivy since it got sunburnt a few weeks ago but I thought it was recovering in its new location. #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #EnglishIvy #NewPlantMom
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
That substance is just a lil mold. If you remove most of the affected soil, and sprinkle just a little cinnamon over top of the soil it should have no problems. Also try to avoid overwatering as much as possible, ivy should dry out almost 100% before their next water.
If it continues happening, I’d consider repotting your ivy with a chunkier mix of soil including perlite and maybe some orchid bark to encourage the soil to dry out a little faster. The current soil looks pretty dense.
@NewGrowth, the current soil is super dense, I didn’t want to re-pot it so soon after bringing it home, but I think I may need to. I usually blend potting soil, perlite, orchid bark, and horticulture charcoal. If I sanitize the current nursery pot it’s in, can I re-use it? Thank you for being so helpful!
@Pleasethrive oh yeah, as long as the roots still have room to grow into it which I’m sure it will since ivys roots are tiny!
@Pleasethrive I reuse pots, I thoroughly wash them before reusing.

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