Posted 1Y ago by @ChampDewberry

Whats wrong with my Canna Lily

This has happened over the last two weeks very sudden - I think it’s pot bound I purchased in January and she was doing fine it’s summer here and I’ve had her on the balcony where there’s light but shaded sge Aldi has new growth shoots so it’s perplexing
2ft to light, indirect
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
She looks overwatered. Have you checked the soil? Cannas like living in bog conditions but they need drainage. I’d mix up some really good potting soil with a little mulch bark, repot in a slightly larger pot if she needs it and make sure the drain holes aren’t clogged. This yellowing has happened with my cannas as well and it was after a long rain that clogged her drainage holes. As much as she likes being in marsh-land conditions, it’s the high humidity she enjoys and not being in stagnant water.
Thankyou I’ll try that
Thought I would give an update the canna Lily was very pot bound and I repotted her and there is only one brownish leaf now and heaps of new shoots! So happy 😀