Posted 2w ago by @Jillysavage

What is going on?
My calla lily (I think) is turning yellow. Could it be sunburn or overwatering? The pot it’s in does have drainage but doesn’t seem to drain quickly. I moved it out of the sun weeks ago. Help please. 
Is this Wilma in your Oasis?
Maybe this is an old leaf that is dying. Is it just this leaf turning yellow or all?
@Pegster it’s just this leaf. I thought that this was a new Leaf cuz it’s smaller and shorter then the others
Hey Jill!
First, wilma is GORG. 😍
Second, I agree with @Pegster, after looking at the plant card- it's most likely just ran it's cycle! You can either let it be to die off on its own, or snip it off if the aesthetic is bothering you! Your preference, totally! Otherwise I'd say the plant is healthy!! 💚🌿
Third, after looking closer at the pics provided, I don't think it's a calla Lily. I could be way wrong but to me, it looks like a heart leaf philodendron! 🌿 Happiest planting! Hope this helps!
@KikiGoldblatt what do you think? I'm not entirely sure!
@Kaytmarisa I didn’t think it was a Calla lily either but that’s what somebody told me and I couldn’t get a definitive answer on another kind of plant. I’ll look more into it thanks! 
@Pegster idk I’ll just snip it and hope for the best!

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