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Hoya flowering 🌸
It’s flowering time here in Miami. I was never a Hoya person but now all of them around the farm are in bloom! 🌺 they love a few hours of morning direct light and to be dried out in between watering! So. Pretty!! These flowers are from the Hoya sunrise and Hoya Krimson Princess πŸ₯° #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #HappyPlants #HoyaHangout #hoyasunrise #hoyakrimsonprincess #hoyablooms #plantproper
Omg adorable!!!!
It's so gorgeous! πŸ’šοΏΌ
Hoya blooms are so 😍πŸ₯°

Here’s my babe from a week or two ago
@MeganO ooo what plant??
@jcPlantProper it’s a Hoya cv. Minibelle. It’s a hybrid between a carnosa and a shepherdii. 😍
Hoya elliptica
@MeganO what did it smell like? Mine is trying to bud up now 😊
Also, am I the only northener who daydreams about moving faaaaar south so I can grow hoyas outdoors? lol
@MeganO so. Pretty
Hoya blooms are so cute and beautiful!!!
Ahh these are gorgeous! That first one is beyond

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