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Sad, limp new leaf and lots of browning…

I bought my Philodendron White Princess 3 weeks ago from a collector online and it seemed to be in good condition and is in a suitable substrate (ariod mixture of orchid bark, pearlite, ect very airy and well draining). I am leaving a good space between watering (7-9 days) and have a high humidity climate with grow lights. I’m not sure if it is moving shock or something to do with a recent temp drop here (it’s still always above 18 degrees centigrade here in Aus). I have fertilised with a watered down indoor fertiliser mix 1 time about 2 weeks ago after doing some research I thought that would be fine. Does anyone have any experience or ideas about what could be wrong? Any help with general philodendron care would be great, as this is my first one!  #RarePlants #whiteprincess #Philodendron
7ft to light, direct
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 years ago
Wow, what an absolute beauty! Can you please share what kind of pot it is in and how close to the window?
My philodendron that has leaves which come out like this, likes medium indirect light. It’s been sitting directly east of a south facing window that is shielded from the evening hot sun. So, nice bright sun, but no real direct sun. She also does not have added humidity. Given those factors, she is THRIVING. My Monstera, who is also in the philodendron family and also receives added humidity, recently had a leaf grow right to the grow light. It developed a dark wettish spot (like what you have in the picture) due to the closeness to the light. Given the likeness of the plant situations, I would back it away from the direct grow light 18-24 inches. My plant most like yours likes to be a tiny bit dry. It will wilt a little when it wants water. Also, you can gage if it wants water based on how stiff or flexible the leaves are. Stiff is well watered; Flexible is, “please water me!”
I also found this review in the plant’s profile. Maybe @Staceymm can help us out!?