Posted 3w ago by @PurelyFeijoa

Very droopy leaves - just needs a water?
If I’m not mistaken calatheas require humidity
@LatiTish84 @sarahsalith they’re divas!!
How wet is the soil? @PurelyFeijoa

Calatheas can be finicky. They require humidity, they like their soil moist but not soaked and need to be able to "sleep" 8 hrs every night. I mist mine every morning. Also i turn mine a little everyday so it can get even sunlight.
@BunnyMummy thank you :) will try misting it
@LatiTish84 I’ve just given it 100ml water that this app said to do. So soil is now moist. Will try misting it everyday and turning it too πŸ‘ thank you
Okay, it takes Greg a while to learn your plants habits. So you should use the watering notifications as a suggestion. So you should def check it and Snooze if your plant already wet. Good luck! 😊 @PurelyFeijoa

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