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#Ficus #PropagationStation My ficus is getting very tall and I would like to cut it. Can the cutting be placed in water in order for it to grow roots and then be transplanted? Where’s the best place to cut? And finally, if I cut it, could it be possible for it to grow ramifications? Thanks a lot!!! πŸ€—
3ft to light, direct
17” pot with drainage
Last watered 13 hours ago
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You can propagate it in water but they are susceptible to root rot. So only two inches of water. Also it will take along time to establish roots. So you may be better off propagating it in soil and i believe it's faster too. Just put it in soil, keep it moist and keep it warm. cuttings are sensitive don't keep it in a direct path of light. I'm pretty sure it will grow ramifications if you cut it.
Good luck and happy propagating! 😊

Thank you @PlantyPlanter for the tag
@LatiTish84 could help you out with this. Add the #PropagationStation to your post!
@LatiTish84 thank you very much for the advise! I’ll try it soon! πŸ˜‰
Rubbers are actually super easy to prop!

Cut just above a leaf scar or node, it'll branch at the next scar/node/leaf down, usually twice!
You could air layer if you want roots BEFORE cutting.
I prop in water with no issues, I have one that I cut in March and it actually grew branches before it rooted, just rooted last month and they shot out so fast it moved to soil in a couple weeks. I can give you photos if you want!
@PlantMompy wow than you!! I’ll try this very soon!
@itslucymg you're welcome! They are the first plant I chopped and propped and it was scary a few times but now I love it. Lol
What are ramifications?
@JulsJungle I meant new branches. Maybe I miss spoke, English is not my primary language πŸ˜…
@itslucymg oh. I thank you for explaining. I’ve not heard that term before β™₯️

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