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Verigated Cactus
My new baby cactus turned black/brown overnight. I noticed a yellow spot the day before, what could have caused this, and can I cut off the head the save it? Iโ€™ve never seen a verigated cactus before so Iโ€™m pretty bummed out
That is so strange! It almost looks like itโ€™s rotting somehow. :( Is the cactus squishy in any places?
I agree with @ScoutTheSprout, it looks like it may have rotted. Does the dark spot feel soft or squishy? Is the soil retaining water?
Oh no! Your cactus is rotting. I would cut as much as possible with sterilized scissors. This could be due to overwatering.
@ScoutTheSprout @kscape @RedDragonZ34 It is very squishy where the dark spot is, the soil was dry when I stuck a kabob stick in but it has been raining in the night all week. I thought it was staying dry under the patio but I guess not. Will removing the rotted parts and relocating somewhere safe from the rain, save the rest of the cactus?
@z0yk0t you can do your best but at the end of the day itโ€™s up to the plant if it wants to live or die. Definitely cut out the rot with sterilized scissors and keep it dry dry dry. Even the humidity from the rain could be bothering it.

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