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Does Dorothy need a bigger pot?
I’ve been watering according to Greg’s recommendations but she seems to be drooping more than usual. There are new sprouts in the middle so I’m wondering if she needs more space? I’ve upgraded her once already this year …
0ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
I wouldn’t repot for a while, especially if you already have
I’m not an expert on aloes, but it’s probably a watering issue! My guess would be overwatering 🤔
Sometimes I have to snooze the watering suggestion for my aloe because the soil is still very wet. I wouldn’t repot it for a bit but maybe change the watering because it does sound like overwatering 😊
I agree with @saatwood and @trailmix

Your aloe will prefer to be in fast draining soil, a pot with good drainage, AND sparingly watered.

I have mine in a terracotta pot that is 2" in diameter larger than the root system of the plant and it is in a west window. I water it every 8 days or so in the summer. The soil is alway bone dry before I water again.
Great advice here! Make sure to select “Best Answer” to help others with the same question! 😊🌿

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