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Good morning everyone! Just wondering if anyone can share some tips with me regarding my begonia. She grows rapidly and also gets crispy really quickly, which is worrying.
3” pot
Last watered 1 day ago
@cjred is the Begonia expert!! Any advice for @aprel_studio ?
@AwesomePlants @aprel_studio haha rule of thumb for maculata.
1. Dont relocate and relocate it will drop leaves!
2. Dont let the soil dry out for too long or it’ll crisp!
3. Give ample light
4. If heavy waterer use terracotta pot. I water almost every other day
@cjred @AwesomePlants thank you both so much ☺️
@aprel_studio dont forget to fertilise! More N for bigger leaves.
Ooh a #wishlistplant for me!
@Marthamaywho92 truly recommend. Even though it gets crispy, it’s still stunning! ❀️
I just checked this one off of my wishlist today ☺️ so I’m here for the tips!
That angel wing is beautiful 😍

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