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can Euphorbia be propagated?

ugh unfortunately somehow some of my books fell down off my shelf and murdered my Euphorbia. Can it be saved???? #SucculentSquad #SucculentLove #Succulents #Euphorbia #PropagationStation #help
7ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
it looks like that is how they’re propagated! maybe cut the end at an angle so it has more surface area to work with in terms of roots and try planting that sucker up!

it’s a beautiful BEAUTIFUL plant and maybe if you keep watering the main plant it’ll send out another stem? my euphorbia is a milii so maybe it’s different but i’d say it’s worth a shot!

edit: on second glance it looks like your guy was decapitated at an angle so you might be good to go after it callouses over
@pelssy @FicusOnTheGood Is absolutely correct . Just stick it back in soil and it will grow roots fairly quickly . I got a small piece in another plant and it’s thriving now .
@ILoveMyPlants do you know if it will send another shoot from the mother or does trigona not do that
@FicusOnTheGood To my surprise mine has a new shoot it’s a low rider but it’s there. Hopefully you can see it it was a hitchhiker
@ILoveMyPlants @FicusOnTheGood yeah i was planning on keeping both 😭 hoping one or both will stay live! i’m going to let it callus over for at least a day.
@FicusOnTheGood poor thing got decapitated at 12:40am 😂🫠
awww 😂😂
i propped the main piece from a friend's plant. the little guy popped up a few weeks later. good luck!
Yes! Most cacti can be propagated this way. Very scary yes🙈 But it works. I did with my Mammillaria last year! The top part even bloomed this year🌸 And the bottom has lots of babies🌵🌵
@MockingJay okay thank you!!! i’ve never had to prop a cactus 🫣 so i kind of was freaking out at 1am! 😂
@pelssy totally understandable😆 I was kind of freaking out even though I did it on purpose😂 He wouldn't keep himself standing anymore and was really top-heavy. It turned out really well I think, but it did take around 6 months before I saw new growth🫣