Posted 1Y ago by @usere1eaf68a

Which aglaonema plant would you ID this as?
One of my favorites that I almost lost, but the project of saving it lead me to this amazing new hobby! #aglaonema #rehabplants
This is a camo plant ! Aglanema pictum tricolor 😍😍 definitely on my wish list lol
I've been hoping that's what it is! I'm just so used to seeing the super-camo ones with the higher contrast colors online, wasn't quite sure.....
OMG that’s a dreamy Pictum Tricolor or a doppelgänger for one!
This is not a pictum tricolour. This is Aglaonema commutatum hybrid tricolour camo splash. It is a very uncommon house plant and many people mistake it for a pictum tricolour. My favourite houseplant for sure!

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