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Pothos Propagation
So last time I propagated my dads marbled queen, I had no issues, every cutting grew roots and is very happy in their pot. My next batch of propagation just isn’t taking the same way. One cutting is growing a root very nicely and the rest seem to just not be and I’m worried they’ll die before they ever root. I’m propagating them via water.
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Pothos is one of the plants that can be kept indefinitely in water so just change water once in a while and it should be good! Seen on my own Pothos props that they take root quite differently timewise but all seems ro root given enough time.
@GreenGoblin Thank you so much, I wasn’t aware that they could just live in water! That takes a lot of pressure off my shoulders. What water do they prefer in that case? Purified? Rain? Distilled? I want to make sure to make my plant as happy and content as possible!
I’ve had pothos water propagations take many months to start rooting! It’s most likely normal, just keep changing the water every 1-2 weeks.
I usually use rain water, but i don’t know if theres a better option
@alba I usually use distilled water for many of my plants, though I try and research to see if they like having minerals in the water as well so I can change it, I guess I just never thought much of it! I believe I’ve been watering my potted marbled queen with distilled and my dad has been using purified! (Mine vs his)
@Blananaba Wow, they both look beautiful!! I should prob start looking into different watering options hehe, i’ve always just used rain water. Anything to keep the plants happy ☀️
@alba I definitely need to research into watering options! My dad should get this app, his oasis would be so pretty but he is not electronically… capable? (lack of better term atm) He really only knows how to text, call, search on google and listen to music. Maybe I’ll make a post about his plants with a picture of them all!

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