Posted 4w ago by @BuffOxeyedaisy

What’s wrong with my aloe plant?

It used to be huge and now is shriveling up, I’m afraid it is dying. The little plants seem to be growing tho. I repotted about two/three weeks ago into a larger pot with succulent soil and watered then. I did use cacti fertilizer too.
0ft to light, direct
20” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 weeks ago
Hey there! Might I tell you that I had the same issue... the new home was too big! I thought it couldn't be... but the moment I downsized I was pleasantly surprised that it perked right up.
@CosmicEmpress it started doing this when it was in a smaller pot…that is why I moved it over to this bigger one. :/ I am stumped as to what to try? Maybe a new pot in between the two? Old pot was maybe 14 in diameter this one is 20.
@BuffOxeyedaisy it used to be firm and full of juice but now is limping and squishy :/
I agree with @CosmicEmpress the pot seems a little big for that size aloe. Maybe try one or two sizes down, so a 16-18 and see how it does. If the pot is too big it can cause the soil to stay wet for two long, leading to issues like root rot. When you repotted it, did the roots look okay?
@HeyNicePlants I will have to try that. Honestly I don’t know much about plants so I couldn’t tell you if they were bad or good…I’m learning haha.
@BuffOxeyedaisy no worries! Generally, black roots are not a good sign, but aloe plants are pretty resilient, so I have a feeling moving it into a slightly smaller pot might be all it needs to perk back up again.
@HeyNicePlants gosh thank you so much!! I’ll give it a try!