Posted 1w ago by @SendyOasis

Anyone know how to fix this?
I'm not sure what it is or what I'm doing wrong. Thanks for your help.
1ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
How does the rest of the tree look?οΏΌ
Looks fine to me.
I think that it's just the older part of the plant. (:

Is that moss glued on? If it is, make sure the soil under it is drying well so the roots don't begin to rot. 😁
@sarahsalith Not glued but moist. Should I remove the moss and let the roots dry?
@SendyOasis i would. Root rot kills this plant really easily. You'll often never know it's rotting until it's too late.
@sarahsalith Thank you!
@SendyOasis you're so welcome. (:

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