Posted 2w ago by @RoXyR

Just received in the mail a few days ago looking pretty sad as well as yellow instead of green. Any way to fix this without cutting them all off??
4” pot
Last watered 5 days ago
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I would make sure all the pearls are touching soil. It gives them a chance to grow roots and thrive. I had the same issue with mine and they’re doing great. I’ve got some props going; waiting to see if any take hold.
You could wait to see what happens first. See how many survive and recover on their own.
It looks like you don’t have drainage in that pot. String of pearls will definitely need drainage. It’s very easy to overwater these guys!
I think watering every 6 days is too much…I think maybe every 3-ish weeks is what I’ve read from the succulent experts. I learned recently that they don’t like direct sun which can burn them.
Thanks I'll change pots and switch my watering schedule
@RoXyR perfect! You got this!

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