Posted 2M ago by @EnduringOxlip

What would cause leaves to turn brown (sometimes crispy) ...

1ft to light, direct
15” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
By what I’ve read seems maybe not enough moisture in air/ too much heat, insufficient water. Central air tends to dry out the air. Maybe try misting plant several times a week and providing additional water. Just a thought. Best of success.
I was going to suggest maybe too much direct light, but your plant card shows me that isn’t the case! So I agree about the dry air/lack of humidity, but I don’t think misting would be sufficient, I think a humidifier set near the plant and running it as much as you can is the best fix. I would not water any more than normal unless the soil is drying out, too. If it’s not, then your leaves are looking for moisture from the air. I have several small humidifiers around my house with my humidity-loving plants grouped near them. There are also humidifiers that you can set to a certain level of humidity, which will maintain consistent moisture in the air that your plants need, which I am hoping to get myself! But any one will do for now. Our homes become so much dryer in winter. Another thing you could try (if your home allows it) would be moving it to a more humid room like the kitchen or bathroom, but that is not always feasible and humidifiers are probably easier to do! Best of luck πŸ’š