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New plants.. how do I care for them?
These two beauties are an early birthday gift πŸ₯°. The first is a #LuckyBamboo .. I know they can be kept in water or some people have them in soil. What works best? Also what would the optimal lighting conditions be? Grow lights, window? The second one I have never seen lol.. but upon doing some research I believe it is a #broeliadpineapple … I know nothing about this plant πŸ˜¬β€¦ I need whatever help you can give me. Thank you.. I really want to make these babies thrive ☺️ #Bromeliad #Dracaena
The pineapple plant should be very easy to care for. They almost grow by themselves. The bamboo just needs regular watering usually so it doesn’t try out. Also usually very easy to care for and almost takes care of itself and grows like a weed in some places. They almost can’t get rid of it in some areas
@SirLiquorice should I keep The bamboo in water or put it in soil? Also what kind of soil does the pineapple plant like?
I have usually seen the bamboo left in the pots with water and they do fine as long as the water level doesn’t get too low. For the pineapple plant something like the miracle grow cactus palm and citrus soil should work well. Or something similar
@SirLiquorice thank you
Good thing is the pineapple plant should be pretty drought tolerant and shouldn’t need to be watered too often He always has interesting videos and mentions growing pineapple plants from the top parts and so does a few others on YouTube. Also has a good dragon fruit video
Whoa that pineapple is so cool!!!
@SirLiquorice @Marthamaywho92 Here is Tiny.. πŸ₯°β€¦ I had to repot her.. she was in nothing but peat and had a death plug πŸ˜±β€¦ but now she is in a slightly bigger pot with well draining soil.. fingers crossed 🀞she does well in my home πŸ₯°
Pineapples are cool plants, I have one that came with a little pineapple. I propped the top and she's growing like crazy. Then I propped another pineapple top and she's doing well also. The last pic is another top I propped... They're easy to take care of. πŸπŸ’ž
@Sassylimey beautiful πŸ˜β€¦ do you just keep them under grow lights? How often do you water them?
I water about every 10 days to two weeks, I water them into their cup (the middle of the plant). They're basically of the Bromeliad family. I have the of mine under a grow light and one on a self in front of a west window. They don't like wet feet πŸ˜‰
I would take everybody else’s advice for the pineapple plant. For the lucky bamboo I suggest that you keep it in a clear container like a glass to clearly see if there’s any problems quickly. If you want to keep it in the pretty container that’s cool too! They like to be in water but just to cover their roots. The water needs to be changed out weekly toοΏΌοΏΌ keep them happy and if you see any problems take the plant out wash everything give it fresh water and put it back, that should take care of things. It likes indirect light and lots of encouragement πŸ’š
@Jillysavage thank you 😊
@NMazon What do you mean by a death plug? πŸ€”
@TruthfulApricot it’s a piece of fabric in which the plant was grown in. It kinda reminds me of dryer sheets once they’ve been used.. a lot of places where they grow plants in bulk use these for seedlings or propagations. The problem is that most of the time these fabric pieces aren’t removed when repotting. This constricts the roots and doesn’t allow them to grow well and in turn the plant will start to decline over time. In the picture I posted you can see the fabric at the base of the plant.
@TruthfulApricot mind you not every plant will have this.. but a lot of big box stores that sell plants may have this. You just have to keep an eye on your plant
@NMazon That’s awful! You can have a plant growing beautifully just to have its roots strangled! Thanks for the explanation. 😊
Bamboo you can put in water and rocks put some plant food in it and let it be
@AshleysEvrgreen what kind of plant food would you recommend ?

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