Posted 3M ago by @SeasonalTwister

I have my plant directly under a grow light in between a ...

3ft to light, indirect
15โ€ pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
I'm not sure the app takes into account the grow light, maybe someone else knows the answer to this as the way the app appears to me it seems to assume grow lights only supplement light from the sun/window
Ok window light and a grow light are two totally different things. In your photo I do not see the grow light. And I am reading your plant info and do not see where it indicates a grow light. So if no true grow light above the plant by all means move it closer to a window if it needs it. Croton does best with full sun and will need high light in cooler temperatures. In the hottest climates, it prefers some partial shade. When growing crotons, check the light needs of your specific variety. In general, the more variegated and colorful it is, the more light it will need.