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Please help me with my watering schedule for each plant t...

My snake plants and aloe veras are watered once a month. In order to make life easier for me, can ANY of the following also be on the once a month schedule: lemon lime dracaena, dracaena marginata dragon tree, ponytail palm, dieffenbachia, and cactus. And if not, how often would you suggest as a guide? How often do you suggest for calla lily, ghost plant, pothos, and kalanchoe? As a single mom, it's getting pretty difficult to constantly check each one with a moisture meter so if I can have a more specific schedule as a guide, that would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance! #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #dracaena #dieffenbachia #pothos #cactus #ghostplant #kalanchoe #callalily #ponytailpalm #succulentlove
You should put them in Greg and use their suggestions. That’s a lot of plants to try and categorize in to two watering schedules.
@Azplantchic Greg is saying very different than what most people on here are advising others so it's too confusing for me. Like for the aloe and snake plant, Greg is saying every 15 days which is way too often. My plants would drown if I did that
I understand now and I agree on the watering. Try hitting snooze when your plant isn’t ready. Greg will learn from what you do and will get in to a rhythm for you. Greg is constantly collecting data and growing its knowledge based on what we do. It will help Greg help us all. πŸ’šπŸŒ±
@Azplantchic I see you have dieffenbachia, pothos, and lemon lime. May I ask on average how often you water those? Just as an estimate?
I agree with @Azplantchic. Remember that Greg is AI so every interaction with the app is also collecting data to narrow down watering times etc. I have a succulent I have snoozed about 6 times now. The soil just isn’t all the way dry yet, so I haven’t watered it. And just because Greg β€œsays” to, doesn’t necessarily mean you should, specifically if all the signs aren’t there. I have watered plants before he says to water as well. And my watering schedule for all my plants really is being honed in.
@NotableKonjac I wait until the soil is dry. It’s probably about 7-10 days depending. I guess that’s what I’m getting at. My conditions might not be the same as yours. Example: Let’s say I have mine in a west window with humidifiers, in a six in terracotta planter. You on the other hand, may have a 12in plastic planter in a north facing window. The β€œdays in between watering” are going to be totally different. Thats why we rely on the soil to tell us.
Maybe you can try some olla stakes? I use them in a lot of my plants because I have too many! πŸ˜‚
I like them because all I have to do is insert the clay olla stake into the plant and then put a bottle of water upside down into the stake. Because the stakes are made of clay pot material, they slowly water your plants as the water seeps thru. Your plants will even grow stronger root systems. After the bottle is empty, just fill up again and put back into the stake. These are modeled after ancient ways of watering.
Here’s a link so you can see how they look.
@SunnyPlants cool. What is your opinion on self watering bulbs?
@NotableKonjac That’s a great question! In fact, I was thinking to post that to ask everyone. My sister, who travels A LOT, swears by them. She simply fills them up once per week. She has the smaller ones that work well for her because her plants are smaller, like 4-5?inches. Her plants look beautiful, btw. I have used them when I go on vacation, but haven’t really used them much otherwise. My sister did gift me some smaller ones and I’ve just started using them on a few 4-5 inch plants. So… I’ll definitely post feedback on how those are doing. I’ve read that some people don’t like them because they either let too much water out at once, or get clogged with soil and/or don’t evenly disperse the water. I am currently using cut coffee filters over the bottom and using a tiny rubber band to *try* to have the water filter thru instead of either dumping it all or having a bunch of soil get stuck inside. Hahaha! As I said, I’ll give feedback after using them a bit longer. 😊
@SunnyPlants cool. I saw some online but they looked really small so I wasn't sure if that would cause underwatering.
Maybe get yourself some self. watering pots so you don’t have to worry so frequently
@clairsheart I actually just bought a few of those! I wasn't sure if those were recommended though since they are sitting in water??? Normally if I bottom water then I dump the water out which is why I'm a little confused.
Self watering I fill mine with soil, and then I have the cords that go into the water at the bottom. If you put one string instead of two it waters it perfectly.
@clairsheart oh ok, mine don't have that unfortunately, they're just cheap ones where you pour water at the bottom. It says "self watering" on the label but it's more like bottom watering imo. But I don't think I can empty the leftover water.
Have you considered going semi-hydroponics? This means transferring your tropical houseplants out of soil and into Lechuza-pon or LECA. Your plants will grow faster and bigger.
I hope you will find a solution.
@Ada3 I will look into that, ty!