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#GoldenBarrelCactus do you guys know ow if this is actually a golden barrel cactus? I’m having second thoughts… #Seconthoughts this is my second time asking this question… I’m getting impatient 😅😅😄🪴
7ft to light, direct
5” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
@PlantNewbie12 hey 👋🏼 this is my willow apparently the same type as yours but looks slightly different 🤔I wonder
@PlantNewbie12 Are all of the ones next to it the same.
If so, you might take a picture of the whole plant because if Greg sees a cluster, it may change the assessment of the species.

Other than that, I don't have much for ya. So many small cacti look alike. Sometimes you just have to go with what it says until it gets big enough for you to really get a more definitive answer. Or if it eventually flowers. That can help in the identification.
Do you have more photos? It looks like it may just be a wee little babe but certainly could be! Why second thoughts?
(I live in the Sonoran Desert, I’ve had physical altercations with more than a couple golden barrels 😅)
@UltraKoreanfir this was my next piece of advice- golden barrels have yellow blooms with what looks like spines lining them. They’re beautiful and dramatic.