Posted 2w ago by @Ellelilian1904

My bush lily is dying
My bush Lily’s leaves have started going crispy, browning / yellowing. I’ve pulled her out checked her roots aren’t rotting and they’re completely fine infact they’re massive! I read on a gardening page to remove the crispy parts of the leave which I have but has caused even more of the leaf to crisp. any other suggestions and roughly how long would trying to save her take so I know I am doing something right ?
@Ellelilian1904 how far from a window is it? If you tag the plant card (bottom-left plant icon while editing a post) it’ll give us more info to help troubleshoot.

Yellow leaves usually come down to over/under-watering, or too much / not enough sunlight. If it’s sunlight, you can tell by whether the leaves turning brown are the ones closest to sunshine (too much) or furthest away (not enough).

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