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Any advice on how to get this baby under control? πŸ˜…

My #WanderingDude has grown like crazy! No clue where to even start with getting this looking better. Maybe a bigger pot to start?
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8ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
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When I got mine it was leggy like that too. I clipped all the hanging stuff and put it back in the soil. It took a month or two of cleaning up every week and pinching any dead or dying leaves but they fill out quite nice.
Maybe a trellis so it can start growing up rather than out? I recently bought a customizable trellis from Super Trellis.
@Jilliebeanstalk Love that! I think I’ll likely need a bigger pot though eh..
I hung it up so hopefully it’ll grow down and hang nicely. But @Jilliebeanstalk I think I’m gonna get a slightly bigger pot and try clipping it like you said to make it nice and bushy.
They get more leggy as they age, and eventually they start to lose leaves closest to the soil. The best way to make them "last" is to pinch them so they are full and to trim the runners and toss them back in the pot. That way any bald spots are covered!
@PlantMompy good to know! Thank you!
@TrasuBabli Great idea! I like the way these guys hang but I like the idea of a trellis for my satin pothos!
@nila I agree with @Jilliebeanstalk. I did the same exact thing to mine when I got mine but I used a separate pot because mine is a monster. I had to pot mine in a 10 inch pot with drainage. I used another 8 inch pot with drainage to start another plant. It to has flourished.
@KikiGoldblatt They’re such fast growers eh!
Your zebrina plant is beautiful hanging. πŸ₯°
It’ll fill out. Just keep an eye on it and keep filling in holes with cuttings.
@nila also letting it dry out between waterings is crucial
@Jilliebeanstalk Thanks! I actually just spent my morning today trimming it and filling in the spaces with cuttings. Looks much better now. 😊