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Brown leaves

Hello all, I am a first time aloe plant care taker and I was just wondering what should I do if the leaves are looking brown like it's dying. I thought it would be a neat plant to have around the house and I'm not trying to not kill it already. Thanks in advance for the help.
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Looks a little like sun damage to me so maybe move it a bit further away from the window.

Another thing if it was bought from a big national store it will quite likely its in the wrong soil. I would look at adding some perlite or girt to it or getting a succulent/cacti mix. So that the can drain through and not sit on the roots. It does look like one of the leaves looks a bit too wet.
Definitely get rid of that pot get a different pot Plotted in a succulent type soil I doubt if it’s been burned, it looks nice. This is what a aloe vera and look like I wish I could say it was my plant, but it’s not οΏΌοΏΌ
Also, I would wait for a couple years till you try to start cutting on it οΏΌ