Posted 2M ago by @FunGuepinia

This has been in same pot for a long time, not root bound...

2ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
@FunGuepinia Hi Jill, I think your best choice is either fertilizer or repotting.
Thank you
I agree, perhaps both. Give it new fresh soil and a fresh drink. It looks healthy otherwise.
@FunGuepinia HI there Jill! I've got some tips for you.Move the plant to a brightly lit spot.
Inspect the plant for signs of damage.
Prune any damaged leaves and flowers.
That is the best you could do! Good luckπŸ’š
@LittleCrow same pot?
Hello fellow friend. I actually just repotted my African violet today because of the exact same thing. It has decent leaves on it and has some flower stems and little tiny buds on it that just would not open. It had been in the pot since I got it so I did opt to repot her and go up in size today. Although I’m a little worried because I know African violets likes to be in smaller pots so I won’t go any bigger than this pot here but I’m glad I did. At the time I am anyhow, she was really squeezed into the smaller one and her roots were so tight. Hoping she’ll be happier now.
pruning it might help. I’ve been learning a lot about African Violets lately and I’ve heard pruning them will encourage more blooms. There are some really good Youtube videos on how to prune them properly.
I agree with Lisa and Kenzie even if it has healthy leaves and it doing okay she might never bloom. You can have her in same pot but give her new soil and wather her with light filzilizer. But kepp in mind they dont like having water on their leaves. You can prune her as well, few older or damaged leaves wont hurt.