Posted 2Y ago by @WoliwerCrater

My bird's nest "hurricane" fern has new brown spots 😟

The brownish spots started appearing 2-3 days ago and they're getting bigger. I adopted this fern 12 days ago and it's 1m - about 4 feet - away from my North oriented window, but close to some grow lights 9h a day. The humidity next to it is between 50% and 65% throughout the day, and the temperature is 19ºC (66F) at night and 22º (72F) during the day. It's in a plastic pot with good drainage, sitting inside a ceramic pot with LECA beads in the bottom. I watered it once since I got it (with tepid, filtered water). The soil is still moist but not wet. I'm really nervous about the spots because I've waited a whole year for this plant before finally finding one and I hope I can keep it alive and healthy 😅 does anyone know what's wrong with it and what I could change to help it ? #Fern
2ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
This is usually the response to over or underwatering, stress from temp changes etc. This Fern is a little fussy. Like high humidity and bright indirect light but will tolerate lower light conditions. If you have not repotted you may want to have a look at the roots. Hold off on fertilizer and give him a little more time to acclimate. Hang in there, all is not lost😉